Embryo Digital

Client Case Study

Founded in 2015, Embryo are a leading independent Search & PPC Agency, known for their ability to consistently engage buyers at every stage of the customer journey. With their cutting edge in-house tools & high levels of innovation, the team deliver award winning results for their clients.


Digital support for a growing multi-disciplinary agency in the north.

Key Production Elements

  • Concept / Treatment Development
  • Filming
  • Edit & Grade
  • Photography

Services Supplied

Video Production

Benefits of using Fettle Digital

  • Experience in engaging with video contributors on camera
  • Responsive To Varying Technical Requirements
  • Quality of work reflects Embryo’s premium brand position


We’ve supported Embryo with our Video & Photography production services.

Completed projects have included production of a mammoth set of 107 ‘Thought Leadership’ videos, and extensive Headshot, Office & Lifestyle photography.

The Thought Leadership content was filmed over 4 days at Embryo’s offices, featuring 19 members of the team on camera. We covered a wide range of topics & then spent time in the edit distilling each message down to concise, easy to understand morsels of information.

A key part of the value of our services for Embryo centred around Fettle’s extensive experience of interviewing hundreds (if not thousands) of people on camera over the years. Adapting questions and engagement style for different personalities in-front of the camera is an essential part of getting people relaxed & talking well!

The round of Headshot photography we completed was done to a set style for consistency across Embryo’s online presence. In between photographing individual team members, we went round the office capturing a set of lifestyle images.

Lifestyle Images

Office Images